Into Your Hands I Commit My School Year

The smell of fresh crayons and the sound of sniffling mommas can only mean one thing. School’s back. But so are yellow leaves and football and cooler weather and books. It’s easily my favorite time of year.

Whether you’re a wide-eyed freshman wandering around campus or the parent dropping off a little one who’s skipping off to first grade, I encourage you to start the school year with a prayer King David wrote.

Psalm 31:3, 5
For you are my rock and my fortress;

    and for your name’s sake you lead me and guide me;
Into your hand I commit my spirit;
    you have redeemed me, O Lord, faithful God.

David leaned fully on the Fortress of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness. In the shakiness of life, he ran to the Rock. “Into Your hand I commit my spirit.” It was a statement of absolute trust. The very same one Jesus uttered on the cross centuries later.

Every morning that I drop my daughter off at school is an act of faith. Many times, while driving away, I open my hands and tell the Lord, “I trust you. Whatever may come, I trust you.”

So, if you’re the student walking across campus this week or the tissue-wielding parent, open your hands with King David and say, “Into Your hands I commit all of it.” Take refuge in the Fortress of steadfast love, and enjoy the journey.

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