Don’t Be Afraid of Your Prayers

It’s curious how many well-meaning Christians have said something along these lines:

“Be careful what you ask God to do. He just might do it!” 

What’s even stranger are the prayers to which they’re referring. Ones like, “Use me however You will,” or, “Teach me __________ (humility, to pray, evangelize, etc.).” But why are these prayers considered, in any way, “dangerous?”

God is not out to ruin your life plans, but to redeem them. Praying for the Holy Spirit to move and work in your life is the safest prayer possible. God’s will is to conform you into the image of Jesus (Romans 8:28-30). That’s not dangerous. It’s the one thing that brings us life and joy! (John 10:10; John 15:11)

So, don’t be afraid of your prayers. God is a fortress and refuge. (Psalm 18:2; 25:8-10; 46:1-3; 91:2; Deuteronomy 33:27; Proverbs 14:26; Matthew 7:24-27) The last time I checked, those were pretty safe places to live.

Instead, learn to pray as the sons of Korah did:

“Let me hear what the LORD will speak, for He will speak peace to His people, to His saints; but let them not turn back to folly.” Psalm 85:8

Will He ask us to step out on faith at times? Yes. Will we be stretched in trials or circumstances? Of course. But never apart from the comfort and peace of our Refuge. I pray this poem weekly as a reminder:

Faithful fortress for the weak,

Sustainer of the tried,

Hope of Heaven, Christ in me,

You’re where my trust abides.

Ruling, reigning King of Glory,

Matchless is Your love!

Victory is now my story,

Freedom- through your blood.

Pray for God to do big things in and through you. It’s anything but a “dangerous” prayer.

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