How to Spot A Gym B.R.O.


Gym bros are the #1 cause of obesity in America. They turn millions off from health each day. You might even be one. Know the symptoms. Take the B.R.O. test.

Body – Do you like to show yours off when you work out? Is it important that people see those shredded obliques?  If so, what level has your bro-ness reached?


Level 1: My shirt is so tight it’s impractical and itchy.

Level 2: My shirt has a gym quote and I cut the sleeves off. No time for sleeves. Too busy gettin’ my burn on.

Level 3: My shirt isn’t even a shirt anymore.

Reflection – What’s your relationship like with the mirrors? You can spot a bro because they look at themselves in the mirror when they’re lifting weights. And also when they’re not lifting weights.

Offering Advice -Do you have strong opinions about protein powder? Do you say phrases like, “Put good in, get good out?”

It’s okay. You’re a bro, and knowing is half the battle. The next time you see an overweight office manager trying to do a squat, give him a fist bump in between mirror checks. It’ll mean a lot. Destroy the stereotype while you’re destroying those pecks.

Together, we will end obesity.

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